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5.0mm 5.08mm pitch pluggable Terminal block Connector

5.0mm 5.08mm pitch pluggable Terminal block Connector

These pluggable terminal block are widely used in almost all electronic equipment, such as communication equipment instruments, computers, automatic control systems, household appliances and alarm equipment, etc

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Pitch: 5.0mm, 5.08mm

Rating: 300V 10A

suitable electric wire:28-12AWG

male header: straight pin, right angle pin for option.

Number of pins:2-16P

Product Name:Terminal Block
Electronic Life:>10000CYCLES
Mechanical Life:>10000CYCLES
Rating:300V 8A
Contact Resistance<50MΩ
Insulation Resistance:>1000MΩ
Withstand Voltage:>1500V/MINUT
Storage Temperature:-40°C~+105°C


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