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6*6mm DIP/SMT Tact Switches

6*6mm DIP/SMT Tact Switches

Tact switch is an electronic switch, when used to meet the conditions of operation force to switch socket direction pressure switch function closed on, the main use of audio and video equipment, digital products, games, toys, computer products, etc.

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Audio and video products: MP3, MP4, DVD, speaker, etc
Remote control: remote control for vehicles, anti-theft and anti-theft products, etc
Household appliances: TV, microwave, rice cooker, etc
Toys: electronic toys
Fitness equipment: treadmill, massage chair
Digital products: digital cameras, digital cameras, etc
Communication products: mobile phones, car phones, telephones, etc
Security products: visual walkie talkies, monitors, etc
Computer products: cameras, tape recorders, etc
Medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, thermometer, call system, etc
Others: cash verification pens, laser pens, etc

Product Name: 6*6mm Tact Switch
Terminal: SMT/SMD
Contact Resistance: ≤100mΩ
Operation Temp: -20℃ ~ +70℃
Electrical Life: 50,000 Cycles Min
Contact Resistance: 50mΩ Max
Life: ≥80,000 Cycles
Material: PPA&Brass
Application: PCB


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