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9.50mm Barrier Terminal Block

9.50mm Barrier Terminal Block

Barrier terminal block can be provided with a cover and no cover type.widely used in power supply, industrial control, information products and household appliances. Product design in line with IEC60998, UL1059, ect... 

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Pitch: 9.5mm

Rating: 300V 30A

suitable electric wire:22-12AWG

Number of pins:2-20P

Product Name:Barrier Terminal Block
Electronic Life:>10000CYCLES
Mechanical Life:>10000CYCLES
Rating:300V 3A
Contact Resistance:<50MΩ
Insulation Resistance:500MΩ or more at DC500V
Withstand Voltage:>1500V/MINUTE
Storage Temperature:-40°C~+105°C
Insulation Withstands:AC2000V/MIN
Screw Torque Vlaue:0.4 N.m
Suitable Electric Wire:28~12AWG
Application:Wire Connecting


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