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Wafer Connector1.0mm Pitch Wire To Board Connector

Wafer Connector1.0mm Pitch Wire To Board Connector

The Wafer Connector is a component frequently touched by electrical engineers. Its function is very simple, between the circuit is to block or isolate the circuit communication bridge, so that the current flow, so that the circuit can achieve the intended function. connectors are an important part of electronic devices.

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Pitch:1.0mm/1.25mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/2.54mm/3.96mm/4.2mm/5.08mm are available

Material:Wafer LCP、PA6T,UL-94V-0

               Pin Brass Tin-Plated

               Solder tad Phophoric bronze Tin-plated

Feature:Common/High Temperature Resistance

        Top entry, side entry are available.

Product Name:Wafer Connectors
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:500V AC
Voltage Rating:50V  AC / DC
Current Rating:1A  AC / DC
Insulation Resistance:500MΩ Min at 500V AC
Material:PA66 / Tin-Plated / Brass / Phosphor Copper
Pitch:1.0/1.25/1.5 /2.0/2.54/3.96/4.2/5.08mm
Operating Temperature:-25℃~+85℃
Application:In interconnect directly between an unpackaged Integrated Circuit (IC) and some type of a platform (PCB or ceramic substrate).


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